Model 2680 Longray Electric ULV Cold Fogger | How To Use Model 2680 ULV Cold Fogger Longray Machine

Longray 2680 Model Portable Electric ULV Cold Fogger : ULV Cold fogger 2680 series

Model: 2680

The most classic 2680 model has exquisite appearance, generate fine small fog droplet, bigger flow rate, spray far away distance.

Install with the flexible hose can easily and freely target spray direction, and the big flow rate makes spray work more efficient.

The adjustable fog droplet size – from 5-25 micron. Can be used to quickly spray disinfectants, biocides, insecticides and other water-based chemicals to eradicate virus and vector carriers and pest.


Spray pesticides – mosquito control, pest control, vector control and virus control.

Spray disinfectants – for farms, public health, home and garden.

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