Model 2620 Longray Electric ULV Cold Fogger Machine | How To Use Model 2620 Longray Fogger Machine

Electric ULV Cold Fogger : 


Model 2620

The machine can spray all chemicals, such as insecticides, pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants, odor neutralizers etc.

It has been widely used by our customers in a variety of indoor/outdoor applications such as hospital, schools, hotels or resorts.

Producing nearly invisible droplets, better penetration, rapid diffusion.

Solution tank is marked with capacity scale, so it is helpful when adding precise volume of solution.

It is ideal for increasing humidity and dispensing sanitizers, the durable plastic body is made from rugged chemical resistant polyethylene for years of trouble free operation.

Both oil and water based solutions can be misted through the non-clog nozzle.

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