ATV Mounted Battery Powered ULV

Longrayfog Thermal Fogger Machine


Model: Army marine No.1

1st time new innovation & 1st time new invention battery powered ULV.

No pollution, no loudly noise, no shaking, Zero emission.

4 pcs brushless motor supply powerful air flow to produce fine fog droplet and flow rate, fog particle size from 5-30 micron.

The 4 pcs battery powered ULV cold fogger mounted on ATV, easy to travel in city, mountain and jungle area.

All operation is controlled on the control panel of the machine, such as start stop spray, adjust flow rate, adjust spraying direction, set spray mode.

4 Automatic nozzle take back

4 Automatic nozzle take back






4 Automatic nozzle stretch out

4 Automatic nozzle stretch out











Motor Brushless motor
RPM 23000
Power 4X430W, the battery can continuously work for 2 hours
Voltage DC 24V
Atomizing High speed rotary airflow
Nozzle quantity 4 pcs nozzle
Flow rate 280ml per minuteULV spraying1000ml per minuteLV spraying
Chemicals tank capacity 36L
Flush tank capacity 2L
Spraying direction Adjustable both in vertically and horizontally
Horizontally spraying angle 0-105°
Vertically spraying angle 0-70°
Spraying mode set Automatically/Manually
Dimension L X W X G 2150×1125×1450mm
Net weight 350kg