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Thermal Fogger :

Thermal Fogger TS-34Thermal Fogger Longray range of Thermal Fogger includes : Backpack Thermal Fogger, Hand-held Thermal Fogger and Truck-mounted Thermal Fogger. Thermal Fogger They offer the advantage of small fog droplet technology to disinfect agricultural crop. Thermal Fogger It creates fine, near-invisible droplet that affects pest in flight, as well as the ones settled on plant’s surfaces. Our fogger are capable of dispensing both, water and oil based chemicals.The Teflon and Viton layers make all seals, gaskets, and diaphragm chemically-inert to any kind of solution poured inside them.

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ULV-cold-Fogger :

ULV Cold foggerLongray range of ULV cold foggers includes: Battery-powered ULV cold fogger, Electric ULV cold fogger, and Truck-mounted ULV cold fogger. Our foggers facilitate easy pest control in mountain and jungle areas. The infinitely adjustable flow regulator provides the required flow rate and fog droplet size. These are perfect for use in warehouses, factories, dairy, poultry barns, food processing plants and greenhouses. They can spray all types of chemicals, used for public health protection, including disinfection, vector control, pest control and crop protection.

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Vehicle Disinfection Channel :

Vehicle Disinfection Channel Our range of Vehicle Disinfection Channel units are designed to quickly, effectively disinfect   transportation vehicle and people who need to go inside hygiene protection area, or come out  from some contaminated area. Equipped with infrared sensor, it features automatic spraying to target which go through the channel. They apply ULV spraying that uses less chemicals, shortens spraying time, saves labor, yet give more effective disinfection. It’s easy to install and facilitates varying spraying angle which can be adjusted to thoroughly spray at all angles and to the entire area of the target.

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