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Technical specification
Weight, empty : 47kg
Dimensions ( L x W x H) : 200 X 60 X 75 cm
Weight, empty (shipping data) : 100 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H),(shipping data) : 213 x 67 x 70 cm
Chemical tank capacity : 60 L
Fuel tank capacity : 5 L
Fuel consumption : 4 L/h
Performance of combustion chamber : 36.8 KW / 50 HP
Flow rate (oil) : 0-100 L/h
Flow rate (water) : 40 L/h
Battery electricity : 12 V lithium battery
Pressure in chemical tank : 0.25 bar
Pressure in fuel tank : 0.06 bar


The universal High-Performance Thermal Fogger Generator, 50 HP engine power, flow rate up to 100 l/h and effective penetration of the fog in closed spaces.

Truck Mounted Thermal fogger Whether stationary in closed spaces or mounted on vehicles for outdoor application, the TS-95 suit for large scale area quick and effective control.

Truck-mounted Thermal Fogger features a remote control system enable operation from the driver cabin. The unit includes an electric start system for controlling start, stop fogging, lift up and put down fogging tube through the remote control.We only choose best production materials, such as using high-grade stainless steel produce chemical, fuel tank, fog tube and resonator, cooling jacket and protective shield, to guarantee reliability in daily application and long-durability of the equipment.

We only choose best anti-corrosive material to guarantee long life use, such as all seals, gaskets, and diaphragm in contact with chemicals solution are made of Teflon and Viton.


Capable of dispense water and oil based chemicals, such as pesticide, fungicide, disinfectant, miticide, poultry vaccine, and odor neutralizer.

The unit has been widely used for mosquito carriers of malaria, yellow-fever, dengue fever, pest control, public health protection, sanitation professional

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