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Motor : 220V AC, 1.5 KW
Blower : 180 CBM/h
Flow rate : 1.8-20L/h
Fog droplet : 5-50μm
Chemical tank : 30 L
Net Dimensions : 75x 71 x 113 cm L x W x H
Net Weight : 68 kg
Packing dimension : 82 X 82 X 132 cm L x W x H
Packing weight : 106 kg


5600 universal ULV sprayer for farm disinfection, pest control, plant protection, stored products control, etc.

Can produce 95% fog droplets VMD from 5-25.

Flow rate and fog droplets size adjustable.

Stainless steel chemicals tank, all parts contact with chemicals solution is made from Teflon and Viton, better capacity for anti corrosion.

Have wheel on pedestal, convenient spraying while moving.

Spraying direction continuously adjustable (360° horizontally, 180° vertically).

Automatic timer control start, stop spray fog, more safety to operator.

No operator hazards, through self-running operation.


Livestock, poultry house disinfection,
Public Hygiene, odor control
Air disinfection
Mushroom production and greenhouses disinfection
Pest control against flying and crawling insects
Plant protection in Greenhouses
Stored products control

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