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Fogging machines are quickly becoming the industry standard for applying everything from commercial pesticides to special disinfectants at travel and border points—and everything in between. Fogging machines  It’s important to understand how fogging machine works, what they can be used for, as well as the benefits (and potential disadvantages) of using certain types of fogging machines. The following is a must-read guide to fogger that will help you understand the basics about fogger and their uses.

How do foggers work?

A fogging sprayer works by dispersing chemicals through the air or onto an application site. They can be used outdoors or indoors in a variety of different situations, which include but aren’t limited to: disinfecting trucks and vehicles, applying pesticides to crops, eliminating pest problems in a home, and more.

Fog Sprayer

What are the types of fogging machines?

The two primary types of fogging machines are thermal and ULV/cold sprayers. A thermal sprayer works by heating up the chemicals until they evaporate into a fine solution which is dispersed throughout the area. A cold sprayer works through pressure, which turns the chemical solution into particles which are then dispersed throughout the area.

What type of fogger should I use?

The type of fog sprayer you ultimately chose will largely depend on what type of job you need done. Thermal sprayers are often recommended for jobs which require penetration of hard to reach areas, such as treetops or inside crevices; whereas cold sprayers are more often recommended for jobs where large particles are ideal, such as targeting live insects flying in the area or nesting in a home.

Are fogging machines expensive?

Foggers are available at a variety of different price points, ranging from inexpensive personal machines to higher-end foggers which are designed for industrial use. Industrial foggers are ideal for businesses and organizations due to their high quality and durability, and they can often be found for excellent prices at companies who specialize in making fogging machines.

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