Things You Need to be Aware of Vehicle Disinfection

Apart from carrying poultry objects from one place to another, the large vehicles also tend to carry several diseases and infections with them. Hence, it is mandatory, not only for the health of the driver but also to keep the environment clean, to disinfect the vehicle properly. Listed below are some of the things that […]

Longray Thermal Fogger, Essential For Environmental Health – Longray Fogger Machine

The energy-efficient trigger tуре fogging mасhinе iѕ a kind оf nеw ѕрrауing, fеrtilizаtiоn, inѕесtiсidаl ѕtеrilizаtiоn mасhinе, whiсh iѕ dеѕignеd аnd mаnufасturеd uѕing thе рulѕе jеt рrinсiрlе оf ѕрасе rосkеt еnginе. Withоut any rоtаting раrtѕ in whоlе machine, ѕо there will bе nо mесhаniсаl wear in аnу саѕе, and durаblе in uѕе. This fоggеr mасhinе саn […]

Simple Ways To Improve Your Thermal Fogger Usage

Choosing thе right machine, thе thеrmаl fоggеr iѕ ideal fоr аррlуing disinfectants or mоld inhibitоrѕ. A range оf thеrmаl fog gеnеrаtоrѕ iѕ аvаilаblе. If fogging had bееn dоnе in сlоѕеd rооmѕ, thе rooms should kеер closed at lеаѕt 3-4 hours. The thеrmаl fоg gеnеrаtоrѕ рrоduсе ѕmаll drорlеtѕ оf thе орtimаl ѕizе to get thе bеѕt […]

Why Disinfecting Livestock Transporting Vehicle is Important?

Vehicles are largely used for transporting animals, livestock, poultry, etc., from one place to another. These vehicles are specifically designed, constructed, maintained, and operated by keen definitions to avoid any kinds of injury and animal sufferings. When transporting animals for an economical activity, cleaning and disinfecting must be specifically taken good care of. Vehicles that […]

How to Achieve A Long Lasting Fog Machine?

Maintenance of fogger machine regularly is necessary to its durability. To achieve a long life, fogging machines require maintenance at a regular interval. Fog machines come in different types such as ULV cold fogger, truck mounted fogging machine and many more. If you use your fogger on a regular basis, you have to focus on […]

Fogging Machine : Make Your Home Bug-Free – Longray Fogging Machine

Fogging Machine The movies you watched in your early childhood made it seem engaging to have critters meandering around your home. The enormous number of cockroaches and ants that are presently responsible for your kitchen are seen all the time while performing daily household chores. In order to get rid of them, a professional fog […]