Effective Equipment for Better Pest Control

Thermal fogger allows you to get a large amount of active ingredient into the environment efficiently and quickly. They perform by heating the thermal fogging concentrate to a high temperature that creates a huge amount of fog, and used in a wide variety of locations.


These machines used in outdoor as well as indoor areas, actually burn the pesticide to create fog or a smoke that destroys the insect. It works the best for homes, small businesses, warehouses and other areas with unwanted pests to get rid of.


  1. Foggers and Aerosol Generators: These kinds of equipment perform through breaking pesticide formulation into small beads. In thermal fogging, the fog is generally produced by a heating element called thermal generator, where pesticides get carried through oil particles and used exclusively to control the harmful effects of insects such as mosquitoes and insects. Thermal fogging is ideal for exterior use to combat vector carriers, pests and disinfect.

  1. High Pressure Sprayers: High pressure sprayers with protective coatings are more adaptable as compared to low pressure units. They can deliver very large volume at high pressure to penetrate dense foliage. As these are heavy, they require large amounts of fuel and water.

  1. Mist blowers: Mist blowers are the ideal light weight powerful sprayers used to control both adult and larval populations of mosquitoes. Mist blowers are generally typified by relatively low fluid pressures. Using high air velocity, liquid insecticides dispersal is done. Large mist blowers can get used to treat many acres quickly and efficiently in a single day.

  1. Ultra low volume (ULV) sprayers: Ultra low volume spraying is normally used in pesticide application and are highly effective for adult mosquito control. ULV sprayers are well-established spraying technique for the application of biocides, pesticides, fungicides and disinfectants.

  1. Airblast sprayers: Airblast sprayers give good penetration and coverage. This use a combination of air and liquid to deliver pesticide to the respected surface. They can deliver either low or high volumes of spray and also make use of a high-speed airstream to scatter the spray. Generally, as these fogging machines are relatively large, so, they are appropriate for disinfecting large areas or zones.

Thermal fogger is highly advantageous for disinfection, fumigation and pest control. You can use these applicators for killing mosquito, preventing insect pest for farmland and forests, epidemic prevention and environment sanitation.


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