What is ULV spraying?
Air pressure press chemicals to the spray head where a powerful blast of air from a blower breaks up the chemicals into fine droplet. On its way to the spray head, the chemical solution passes through some flow meter or dosage nozzle to keep constant application rate and produce uniform fine droplet size. It helps shorten spray time, use less chemicals, thereby achieving the highest standard of efficiency and optimum coverage. For example below, 1 ml liquid chemicals at 20 micro meter droplet size = 239 Mio droplet, 1 ml liquid chemicals at 100 micron meter droplet size = 1,91 Mio droplet, It means certain application rate applied by ULV method produce more droplet compared to traditional spraying or LV (low volume) method. The smaller the droplet size, the more No. droplet are produced, ensuring an effective coverage of the target area. Why need ULV spraying chemicals? The aim for keep the application rate as low as possible, it helps use less chemicals, save treatment time, the benefit of ULV cold fogger spraying below, Extremely economical biocide consumption, Excellent distribution, can adjustable spray flow rate and fog droplet size, Low noise level in electrically driven motor, High penetration depth without requiring additional ventilation used indoors, All biocides can be applied, including wettable powders.