How to Achieve A Long Lasting Fog Machine?

Maintenance of fogger machine regularly is necessary to its durability. To achieve a long life, fogging machines require maintenance at a regular interval. Fog machines come in different types such as ULV cold fogger, truck mounted fogging machine and many more. If you use your fogger on a regular basis, you have to focus on its monthly cleanings. It is recommended to clean your machines twice a week.

Truck Mounted Fogging Machine

Some Maintenance Tips:

Here are some tips to keep your fogger in top operating condition:

  • Clean the fogger after every usage and keep it dry.

  • Make use of air filter supplied with the unit which helps in keeping fog droplets and dirt out of the power head.

  • Drain the tank, if the machine will be idle for more than a week.

  • Using few drops of oil for the pump will enhance its longevity.

  • Clean the filter when it gets dirty or replace it.

  • Blow air or brush it off when the screen on the liquid intake line gets clogged.

  • If your fogger appears to be severely clogged, you can flush it to remove any contaminants.

  • Always store your fog machine in cool & dry place.


Steps for proper cleaning of fogger machines:

  1. First, turn off the machine then take out all residual fluid out of the tank.Then rinse your fluid tank with distilled water.

  2. Pour an appropriate ratio of white vinegar and distilled water into the tank. Then, again turn on the machine

  3. After the machine has heated up, run it for 4 to 6 good bursts.

  4. Now, turn off the machine.

  5. Empty the mixture from the tank and then rinse it with distilled water.

  6. Repeat aforementioned steps a few more times.

  7. Lastly, the most important step – put some fog fluid into the fluid tank. Turn on the machine and after getting heated, run the machine for 5 to 6 good bursts. Then, turn off the machine, rinse the fluid tank with distilled water and store properly.

By following the above guidelines for your fogging machine, you can make sure that it is kept in great condition for years to come. If you repeat this process regularly, it will greatly increase the life of your fogging machine. Fogging machines are very useful in your daily life for pest control. So, if you take care of your fog machine, it will take care of you.

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