How to Choose the Right ULV Fogging Machine




An ULV Cold Fogger and ULV aerosol generator or the ULV fogging machine is basically used to generate high volumes of air at a low pressure. The ULV Cold Fogger and ULV aerosol generator are generally considered the best choice that dispense formulations in a concentrated form. These sprayers enable the generation of a precise size of droplets. There are different types of machines, used to fog areas with pesticides and other chemical formulations.

Buying a ULV Cold Fogger and ULV aerosol generator machine is an important decision. Not only it will largely determine its overall effectiveness but also user satisfaction. So, it’s essential to choose these machines according to their specifications. There are various important factors to consider before choosing the ULV machines.

  • Size and Portability: These machines are available in a range of sizes to suit different purposes. Therefore, it is essential to choose foggers accordingly. Some of the foggers are portable and easy to control. There are small portable devices that get handled easily by a single person. But the larger machines require many people to control it appropriately. The portability of the machine depends largely on the overall weight, capacity and size of the machine. There are also foggers that are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor uses.

  • Purpose: For what purpose you are buying the machine is essential to know before buying. Some of the fogging machines get manufactured to diffuse certain types of materials, some to disperse chemicals and other disinfectants and some are specifically used for insecticide formulas.

  • Maintenance: It is essential to consider the maintenance of these machines before buying it. Choose foggers that are easy to maintain so that it can last for a longer period of time. Before buying, consider the features and specifications of these machines. Majority of the users prefer to buy machines according to their potential reliability.

  • Reputed companies: In order to buy reliable and cost-effective product, it is necessary to buy from reputed dealers and manufacturers. You can find various reliable manufacturers today, who supply a range of foggers with different features and specifications to suit different requirements.

  • Machine: Choosing the type of machine is another essential factor to consider as there are basically two types of foggers: electrical and thermal. The electrical units are generally small and best suited for indoor purposes. Its light weight feature makes these machines easy to maneuver. The thermal units are ideal for large indoor areas such as greenhouse and outdoor areas. Thermal fogger have a large tank capacity and machine.

Buying a ULV fogging machine or ULV Cold Fogger and ULV aerosol generator becomes an overwhelming task for the first time buyers as there is a huge range of machines available today. However, following the aforementioned buying tips will make your task of choosing the right type of fogger machine easier.

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