Battery Portable ULV Cold Fogger 3600B


3600B model Battery Powered ULV, work on rechargeable lithium battery,

Global 1st New Invention & New Innovation Battery Powered ULV

No pollution, better protect environment.


Precision flow rate and droplet control, fog size can be controlled for both ULV and residual spraying.

Has adjustable variable regulator produce 5 to 25 microns of fine fog droplet can quickly apply disinfectants, biocides or insecticides and other water based solutions to eradicate vector carriers and pests.

Can choose install solenoid valve, set timer automatic control stop spraying.

Motor RPM adjustable, set spray more far or short distance.

Can install GPS, the SD Card will recording flow rate, spraying time and the spraying route for each work.

Have 4 configuration below



RPM Adjustable


Manual valve

Solenoid valve






For space spraying and residual insecticides on surfaces for control of mosquitoes and flies.

Ideal for sanitizing, deodorizing, mold and mildew abatement, Indoor applications warehouses, factories, dairy, poultry barns, food processing plants and greenhouses.


Motor: 450W

Adjustable flow rates: 0-18 L/h or 600 oz/h

Particle size: 5-50μm

Tank capacity: 0.7 gallon (2.5 liters)

Length: 23.2 in or 58 cm

Width: 7.6 in or 19 cm

Height: 11.6 in or 29 cm

Weight (Empty): 12.54 lbs. or 5.7 kg

Lithium battery,

Voltage: 24V, Battery capacity: 10Ah, high speed can work around 30 minutes, slow speed can work around 45 minutes.

Charging time: 4 hours, do not overcharge more than 10 hours.

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