Thermal Fogger TS-35A(E)-Auto


High quality level, long life using.

Have 2 mode start up machine,

Manual pump to start up machine,
Have been equipped with electricity automatic start up Igniter, only need 1 finger press down 1 Ignition button, no need any pump machine, within 3 seconds, machine will automatically start up.

Have been equipped with safety automatic cut-off device, more safety to customer, guarantee do not spray flame in case of some accident due to customer inappropriate operation.

3 layers protecting shield, 2 stage cooling system, lower down temperature of the fogging tube and combustion chamber, when machine working, even can tough the protecting shield of machine, more safety to customer.


This thermal fogger can dispense both water and oil based chemicals, such as most pesticides, fungicides, disinfectants, miticides, poultry vaccines, and odor neutralizers.

Mainly used for mosquito, malaria, dengue fever, pest control, public health protection, sanitation professionals.

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Technical Specification

Weight, empty 8.2 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1310 x 270x 360 mm
Weight, empty (shipping data) 11.6 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H), (shipping data) 1228 x 310 x 370 mm
Chemical tank capacity 5 L
Fuel tank capacity 1.5 L
Fuel consumption 1.5 L/h
Performance of combustion chamber 18.6 KW / 25.2 HP
Flow rate 8-44 L/h
Battery electricity 4×1.5V
Pressure in chemical tank 0.25bar
Pressure in fuel tank 0.06bar

Longrayfog Thermal Fogger Machine