Should You buy a Thermal Fogger or ULV Cold Fogger? 2 Things to Consider

When it comes time to purchase a fogger for use in pest control or similar applications, there are several options you need to consider first. For instance, what type of fogging machine will you use? Will you be using a handheld thermal fogger, a truck mounted ULV cold fogger, a ULV aerosol generator or something else? If you are unsure about what type of fogger you should be using, take a look at 2 factors that will help you make the right choice for your situation.

ULV Aerosal Generator Model 1680

Thermal or Cold?

A thermal fogger uses heat to help spread the solution as a thermal fog, whereas a cold fogger will use air pressure to help spread the solution in the form of small particles. For instance, if you use a ULV aerosol generator to spread pesticide, you will actually be spreading it in tiny particles that spread through the air, killing pests. Whether you choose a thermal or cold fogger can depend simply on personal preference as well as what type of area needs pesticide application. As a general rule, the fog created by thermal foggers tends to disperse over a wide area better, whereas the particles created by a cold fogger tend to penetrate hard to reach areas more efficiently.

Handheld, Truck Mounted, or Stationary?

The three primary styles of fogger are handheld, truck mounted, and stationary. Truck mounted foggers, such as a truck mounted ULV fogger, are physically mounted on trucks and allow you to cover a wide area without having to walk on foot. Handheld foggers are best for covering small areas or areas where you need to be exact in your application. Stationary foggers are best for relatively small areas where you don’t need to be exact or specific in application.

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