The Efficiency of 1st/2nd Gene Pioneer ULV Cold Fogger Machine

Effectiveness of a pesticide always depends upon the size of the droplet and the equipment that is used for application. The smaller the target, the smaller the droplets required. Even scientific advancement, practical experiences and increasing awareness of environmental concern are leading to emphasis of integrating pest control management. Experience shows that suitable cold fogging machines will achieve a more effective use of chemicals and saving of water and energy. This concern leads to invention of battery powered or back pack battery powered ULV cold fogger pioneer model machine.

The new innovative and new conception ULV fog generator is world’s first cordless device. This fogger provides you freedom from power cables and power outlets. It is equipped with precision regulating valve that lets you adjust flow rate and particle size. The air pressure press chemicals to the spray head where a powerful blast of air from the blower breaks up the chemicals into fine droplets. The regulation of droplet size and consistency in flow is managed by precision controllers. A standard efficiency and optimum coverage is achieve without utilizing more amount of chemicals and using less time frame.

The Pioneer battery powered cordless cold ULV fogger is broadly classified on first and second generation. Basic characteristic of first gene and second gene are described below:

1st generation:



  • Protects environment.
  • Best atomization, flow rate 0-18L/h, VMD 5-25 adjustable, uniform and consistent coverage.
  • Built with adjustable regulator to produce 5 to 25 microns of fine fog droplet,
  • More coverage at less time. You could cover an area of 200 m² in less 1 minute with 0-18 LPH flow rate.
  • Motor RPM adjustable, set spray more far or short distance.


2nd generation:

2nd Generation Pioneer in 2014

2nd Generation Pioneer in 2014

  • Features are more modified than 1st generation.
  • Can set timer to automatically stop spraying.
  • User could insert SD card or install GPS system to record the spray time, flowing rate and the spraying path.
  • Configured with LED panel to set automatic start/stopping, set motor RPM, spraying time.
  • Battery choice is optional
  • Get stronger protection for battery and spraying hose.


With the use of Pioneer model machine of ULV cold fogger, you could simply fly through the job within minutes. It could act as an emergency task force in case of severe infestation and other biological insects control measures The advantages of this machine would surely justify a further market penetration in greenhouses throughout the world.

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