Thermal Fogger TS-35A(E)

Thermal Fogger  TS-35A(E)


Longray has manufactured foggers for vector control for over 20 years.

The TS-35A (E) is our high-end thermal fogger offering:
High-quality construction – high grade stainless steel and durable materials.
Easy to start up, operate, and maintain.
Automatic cut-off option – instantly cuts off chemical feed if engine stops.
Adjustable flow valve – increase or decrease flow rate while the machine is running.
Customers receive after-sales support, access to spare parts and technical support.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, CE, WHO
Lifespan: more than 6 years
Warranty: 1 year

Works with: oil and water-based chemicals.

Sprays pesticides – mosquito control; pest control; virus control.
Sprays disinfectants – use in farms, food processing plants, public health, factory cleaning, camp-grounds, grain mills, and more.

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