Thermal Fogger Machine High Quality and Efficient || Fogger Machines for Homes & Businesses

Thermal Fogger Machine High Quality and Efficient || Fogger Machines for Homes & Businesses


World over, clients who know they deserve only the best with respect to thermal foggers or fogger machines – shop for the best at Longray. You can avail yourself such privilege as you shop and invest on the world’s best foggers at affordable prices thru

Utilizing a thermal fogger or a fogger machine provides many benefits for protected areas, and these include but not limited to: high productivity, particularly in the lush crop regions. It also serves effectively in confined spaces, and saves labor cost. It favors the greenhouses and reduces crop pollution.

Thermal foggers, just as the name proposes, utilize heat in the process of fogging! These fogger machines utilize heat to vaporize a solution which is then sprayed out in form of a fog. They are super designed and furnished with heat barrel that get heated to very high temperatures (as set) utilizing either a propane gas or electricity – contingent on the kind of fogger being used.

The actual fogging solution happens to be liquid form, and then it gets pumped right into the heat barrel, which then instantly vaporizes. This permits the fogger to create large amounts of particles in particularly small sizes, which then, all forms a dense cloud of fog ready to be sprayed.

Categorically, there are 2 kinds of thermal foggers, which are gas and electric. These pretty much look alike – however a gas thermal fogger utilizes (typically propane) to warm up the heat points. This would require a gas cylinder to be mounted to the fogger. On the other hand, electric foggers utilize electricity to preheat the assembly points; hence it is designed with an electrical cable that requires being plugged within an electric outlet.

With respect to gas motorized thermal foggers or fogging machines – they are readily portable and as end-user – you can utilize them in any environment, as there are no electric cables that would be required to power them. This means they are best for mobile operations!

The electric foggers are practically limited by length of the electric cable or extension cord utilized during operation.

While one of these 2 categories provides one or more advantage above the other, we can also say that gas foggers have much higher operational costs since when the gas cylinder gets empty, it would need to be changed, hence costing more than what the electric type using just electricity will consume.

Both categories of foggers are utilized in operations such as pest control, terrible odor and mold control within indoor spaces, for disinfection, application of pesticides on plants, and getting rid of pests within commercial areas such as warehouses, amongst others.

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