Top Features of Thermal Fogger Model TS 35A (E)

Thermal Foggers are an ideal solution to treat large areas and spaces using a minimal amount of pesticide solution, with less effort and a very little harm to the outer environment. These are made using high quality raw materials that assure durability and are available in the market at the most economical prices. If you are looking for a thermal Fogger with all the latest features, then what could be better than the Model TS 35A (E). It is the easiest mean to fulfill all your requirements. Lets have a brief look on its unique features and applications.

TS-35AE Thermal Fogger

TS-35AE Thermal Fogger

Some of the notable features of TS 35A (E) include:

  • Quick start-up time and quite easy to operate.

  • It is internationally certified and follow all the instructions given by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • It offers guaranteed reliability for daily application and has a very long-term durability.

  • Require a small amount of chemical preparation, offers an optimal effect and covers a large area.

  • High-grade stainless steel used to produce chemical, fog tube, fuel tank, cooling jacket, protective shield and resonator.

  • It could save 90% (approx.) labor as compared to the other conventional methods.

  • It is smartly equipped with a precision regulating valve that helps adjust the rate of flow. You don not need install several diameter nozzles in order to control the flow rate.

  • It asks for a low maintenance.

  • It has strong dispensing power and saves more water.

  • All the seals are made using anti-corrosive materials, like Viton, Teflon to make sure it give a long-run for your money.

  • It is very safe and could be in service for more than 6 years.

The applications of TS-35A (E):

  • It could dispense both water and oil based chemicals quickly and efficiently. You could easily dispense most of the pesticides, fungicides, miticides, poultry vaccines, disinfectants, and odor neutralizers.

  • It is mainly used to efficiently combat themosquitoes that cause dengue, malaria.

  • It is also highly recommended for use in public health protection, pest control, and sanitation professionals.

It is perfect for adding significantly to the impact of cleanliness. Before you buy, it is very important that you read the labels and instructions carefully as improper use could be harmful to the plants surrounding and your pets at home.

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