Top Features to Look in a Vehicle Disinfection Channel Used for Disinfection Farm, Poultry House, Customs, Transportation Border

Vehicle disinfection channel

Disinfectants are the substances that used to kill the harmful diseases and reduce their chances of affecting the healthy living beings. It prevents the infectious agents from gaining access and also control them from destabilizing the environment. Generally the vehicles used in farms, pig house, poultry house, cattle house, transportation center, customs border, airport, etc., carry a lot of infectious agents along with it. That is why it needs perfect clean up in order to get rid of these infectious agents affecting the production.

To disinfect those vehicles and make them hygienic for use, chemicals are then applied with the help of a Vehicle Disinfection Channel. This machine has many exceptional features to count on. It makes the task easier and safer. Listed below are the top features you would find interesting:

  • It quickly and efficiently disinfect the transportation vehicle or the people who need to go inside the hygiene protection area, or come out of the contaminated area.

  • It has the infrared sensors that automatically get activated when the vehicle or people pass through the channel and start spraying instantly to disinfect them.

  • It applies ULV spraying, that uses less amount of chemicals, saves time, labor cost while offering a better and more effective disinfection.

  • It comes with an adjustable spraying angle and channel width, that helps to thoroughly spray from all the angle, areas on the target.

  • Stainless steel used to produce the control box, stand, pipeline.

  • One could easily install it without facing any problem.

  • It comes with a dual control mode for spraying, i.e. manual or automatic.

  • You could set the required spraying time.

  • The machine is well equipped with electric heating device that could warm up the chemicals in the cold winter.

  • It could be customized according to specific needs of a customer.

If you are looking to buy a disinfection channel for your vehicle, the vehicle disinfection used for disinfection farm, poultry house, customs, transportation border, then you must see if you are getting the above mentioned features in it. It would help you select the one you are in need of. While searching on the Internet, you would find a number of companies offering this equipment at the cheapest price. If you go for a cheaper rate, then you have to compromise on the quality of the product. So, it is always recommended to go with a reliable source that could offer you with top-notch quality product at a reasonable price.

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