Truck Mounted ULV Sprayer for Migrant Pest Control

Are you worried about pest infestation? Want to get rid of it? The truck mounted ULV (ultra low volume) sprayer is the perfect solution for large scale pest control. This pest disinfectant creates a dense fog that penetrates into unreachable spaces and lingers in the air for a longer time. These are perfect for use in poultry barns, vector control, pest control, warehouses, greenhouses and factories. They are used to spray all types of chemicals that are beneficial for public health protection, pest control, vector control and crop protection.


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Get maximum benefits with this pest management solution:



  • No traffic hazards because fog cloud is nearly invisible.

  • Low noise level

  • Negligible odor from carrier substances.

  • Reduced volume of output (L/ha, but not of active ingredient)

  • Robust and cost-effective

  • Powered entirely by vehicle battery in-cab control for operator safety.

  • Compatible with all ULV formulations.



Basic steps to be taken during the application of ULV sprayer:



The objective of truck mounted ULV sprayer is to spray in the neighborhood of all houses, animal shelters, open roads and all areas where mosquito vectors are likely to be present.



  • Before beginning fogging operation on required area, study the street map of the surrounding region.

  • The area covered should be within a minimum distance from the house where malaria or dengue cases are found.

  • People should be alerted in advance before the operation starts so that the food is covered and can’t come in contact with those chemicals.

  • Ensure proper traffic control when conducting outdoor thermal fogging since it can pose a traffic hazard to pedestrians and motorists.

  • Thermal fogging with portable ULV sprayers is done from downwind to upwind

  • All doors and windows should be closed for half an hour after the fogging to ensure destruction of the mosquito insecticides and penetration of the fog.



This effective ULV sprayer facilitates easy pest control. You can get an efficient management solution with your pest management plan to avoid pest infestations and reduce the risk of contamination.



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