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Most of the people are opting for DIY methods of getting rid of the pests and insects from their home and gardens rather than relying on professional companies. The fact that fogging machines are available in wide range of varieties at affordable rates makes them more cost-efficient. Fogging Machines Best Offer Price 2018 Fogger Machine For Sale Longray Fogger Machine Read on to know different types of fogging machines available in the market that you can buy to get rid of pests from your home and garden.

Thermal Fogging Machines

Truct Mounted Thermal Fogger

The easiest to use and operate, thermal fogging machine, is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. It uses a water-based or an oil-based (in some machines both) that is stored in the tank to distribute the pesticide for getting rid of pests i.e. insects, mosquitoes etc. You can also get a Truck Mounted Thermal fogger as it can help to cover a larger area easily.

Cold Fogging Machines

5600 ULV Cold Fogger

As the name suggests, cold fogging machines use a cold spraying method. It needs a power supply to be operated. This fogging machine is also available in compact sizes; hence, is more suitable to cover small areas and can be stored easily. The cold fogging machines feature a regulatory control system which can be used to regulate the airflow. Fogging Machines Best Offer Price 2018 Fogger Machine For Sale Longray Fogger Machine It is easy to operate and can also be mounted on a truck for covering maximum distance.

It is important to be completely aware of the differences between the two types before you head out to buy one for yourself. Get the one that fit your needs and protect yourself and your family from pests.


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