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Technical specification
Model : LR-18
Engine : 18 hp, V-twin cylinder, electric start with oil filter
Start up : Electric start, 12V
Formulation Output : 0 to 1 L/min
Particle Size : 90%<50μm
Formulation Tank : 60 L, corrosion resistant
Fuel Tank : 30 L with fuel gauge
Flush Tank : 5 L, corrosion resistant
Blower : Rotary, positive displacement, 188.34 CFM/ 5.33CBM/min, pressure, 500mbar when engine speed at 2800RPM
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 130 x 111 x 92 cm
Net weight : 190 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Shipping data) : 133 x 114 x 95 cm
Shipping weight : 260kg


Truck mounted ULV cold fogger

LR-18 model ULV Aerosol generator18 HP engine power, perfect atomization, produce 90% fog droplet size under 50μm.

Mounted on vehicle, remote control system to operate the unit from driver cabin, avoid exposure to chemicals.

Sturdy construction, the unit is mounted on a solid frame with 4 shock absorbers.

Machine pedestal construction form Z-base rails for easier vehicle mounting.

Adjustable spray heads ensure spraying direction is variable.

Manual control type, 2 nozzles, swivel 360 degree both horizontally and vertically.
Remote control type, 1 nozzle, automatically swivel 360 degree horizontal, 240 degree vertically.

Live monitoring: Engine hour meter, tachometer, glycerin filler pressure gauge, and oil gauge.


Compatible with all chemicals label for ULV use, ULV formulation can be diluted with diesel, kerosene or water, while WP-Wettable Powders can be diluted with water.

Used for public health protection, disinfection, vector control, pest control,

Suit for spray both indoor and outdoor environment, such as theatre, stadium, shopping center, transportation center, food processing plant, outside mosquito control.

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