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Sprayer Specification
Working Voltage : DC 48V
Battery Capacity : 100Ah (Li-ion battery)
Rated Power : 1200W
Air Volume : 120m3/ min
Horizontal Spray Distance : ≥20m
Solution Tank Capacity : 75L
Wind Tube Rotation Angle : -90o — +90o
Wind Tube Pitch Angle : -0o – 60o
Net Weight : 174kg (include battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 1230x665x 965mm
Operation Method : Wireless (visual) remote control


The basic vehicle mounted ULV Sprayer is specially developed to meet the needs of customers and the market. The operational complexity is simplified to reduce the customer’s procurement and labor costs. Optimized structural design for vehicle applications enhance connection strength, greatly reduce product weight, and make it easy for two people to get on and off the vehicle .The sprayer reserves external power supply and external solution tank interface, and the connection interface with the vehicle is easy to disassemble and assemble, so that customers can flexibly adjust and expand according to the situation, and achieve higher utilization rate.

Product Features 

Dedicated design: Designed for vehicle-mounted applications, the structural strength is increased to improve the cost-effectiveness of the equipment.

Convenience in use: The reserved external interfaces are all quick-installed, and the disassembly and assembly of the equipment are very simple and convenient, which provides convenience for customers’ subsequent use.

Reserved external solution tank interface: Flexibly match solution tanks of different volumes as needed. Avoid the additional cost caused by mismatched standard solution tank with the application and the vehicle, and adapt to more vehicles at the same time.

Reserved vehicle power interface: Make full use of the vehicle or external power supply to improve the battery life of the whole machine, and achieve higher energy utilization rate.

Reduce labor costs: Low operating threshold, lower professional skills requirements for operators, save labor and maintenance costs.

Wireless remote control is used to get rid of cable interference, keep the operator away from the spraying area, which is safer

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