Which Type of ULV Fog Sprayer Should You Use? 2 Questions to Ask

If you are intending to use a ULV fogger for ULV disinfection or ULV pesticide application, you may be wondering exactly which type of fog sprayer you should use for the job. The following are 2 questions you should ask yourself which will help you narrow down what type of ULV fog sprayer you should use for your ULV disinfection or pesticide application.

ULV fog Sprayer

Do you need to use the machine for a lengthy period of time and with extensive application?

If you need to use the fogger for a longer period of time or intend to use it for a powerful, extensive application, then you will want to narrow down your choices to electric powered foggers. If you only need to cover a small area or you don’t need a powerful or intense application, then a battery powered fogger—which are smaller, more lightweight, and perfect for small jobs—is an excellent option.

Is the intended target in a confined area or a wide, expansive space?

Depending on how much ground you need to cover, you can narrow down your options to either a handheld, stationary or truck mounted fogger. If you need to cover a wide, expansive space or you do not want (or cannot) walk around on foot in the area that needs to be treated, then a truck mounted machine is best. If the area to be treated is within a confined area—such as a backyard or small park—then a stationary machine or handheld is a great option.

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