Why You Need a Truck Mounted Fogging Machine

Truck mounted fogging machines are frame mounted and self-contained. Equipped with commercial grade engines, the first advantage of having a truck mounted fogger is that you get to eliminate the power cords or generator that other foggers require. This allows you to quickly treat or spray large open spaces, including indoor locations, without worry.


It should be noted that a truck mounted fogging machine is generally for professional users.

Besides being able to apply treatments to large scale areas, here are some additional reasons why you could use a truck mounted fogging machine.

#1. Thermal and ULV cold foggers are available in this design. You can take advantage of the cost-effectiveness and dryness of a thermal fogger with a truck-mounted design or the specificity of micron-sized droplets with a ULV cold fogger. The choice is yours.

#2. Easy distribution options. Instead of being forced to carry a fogging machine over the entire application area, you have a superior level of portability and reliability for your large scale need.

#3. Almost anyone can use a truck mounted fogging machine. The simplicity of this application system allows virtually anyone to be able to operate a truck mounted fogger without the need for special training. Repairs and maintenance are typically easier to perform on truck-mounted models as well.

#4. Cab controls offers additional ease of use. Many truck mounted fogging machines offer remote cab controls which will activate the formulation pump and the fogging solenoid valve. When there is a separate formulation pump, you can even have your fogger calibrated so it always provides the best possible flow rate.

Whether you have large public areas to treat or you need an industrial treatment solution for large indoor areas, a truck mounted fogger offers a low vibration, easy-to-use solution. For a fair, competitive price, you’ll be able to have the coverage you need with one simple investment.

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