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Technical specification
Specification Item : Portable-Type ULV Cold Fogger Model Q-100
Working Voltage : 220V/ 110V, 50HZ
Motor : 300W, 31000 RPM
Dimension (L x W x H) cm : 31 x 15 x 18cm
Net Weight : 1.6kg
Packing Dimension (L x W x H)cm : 40.5 x 16.7 x 21cm
Packing Weight : 2.1kg
Tank Capacity : 1L
Flow Rate : 0~400ml/min, adjustable


The Portable-Type Q-100 model ULV Cold Fogger, have the feature of very light weight, small, simple operation characteristics. It equipped with 300W motor generate greater aerosol volume at higher velocity for deeper penetration effect.

Q-100 fogger installed with an infinitely adjustable flow rate valve for different output from the range of 0-400ml per minute.

Q-100 produce fine fog droplet spectrum under 25 micrometers even at a higher flow rate.


We develop the Q-100 for easier operation and handling, it is most appropriate for small area environment of disinfection, such as in home, shop, office, and for personal disinfection, etc

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