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Breeze 100

Technical Specification
Specification Item : 3WBJ-10
Working Voltage : DC 24V
Battery Type : Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Fixing Structure : Fixed
Battery Capacity : 24V 5AH
Battery Working Time(fully charged) : ≥ 4h
Charging Time : 2-4h
Spray Distance : ≥ 2m/ 6.6ft
Fog Particle Size : 50/ 120 microns
Flow Rate : 0-400ml/ 0-13.5oz per minute, adjustable
Solution Tank Capacity : 10L/ 2.65 gallons
Net Dimension (L x W x H) : 400 x 185 x 480mm
Net Weight : 4.5KG/ 9.9 LBS
Warranty : 1 year


Multi-mode spray, one-button switch (electrostatic spray mode and conventional spray mode).

The three-in-one nozzle can meet the needs of various operations, and the atomization effect is better.

The insecticidal effect is good, and the front, back, and hidden parts of the crop can be treated with chemicals.

High work efficiency, water-saving, labor-saving, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

Large-capacity solution tank design, no need to add chemicals frequently.

The machine is light, electrically operated, simple and labor-saving. High density and high capacity lithium batteries with long battery life.

Mechatronic design (battery is not removable), safe and reliable.

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